Christine Lapchin
My services
My adoptive grand mother, Marie Giraud, a farmer from the french countryside called Poitou, Instilled in me at an early age the love of nature.
In summer, we would stay outside late in the evening, "listening to nature's noises" as she used to say.
As far as I can remember, I've always been fond of beneficial plants.
I've chosen to formalize my self-taught knowledge by following the phytotherapy and aromatherapy degree course proposed by the medical university of Bobigny.
I continue to learn every day, and new knowledge enriches my possibilities, as Reiki jin kei do, naturopathy, karma numerology...
My work in the Phytocorsa association expands this way towards each one's well-being.
Dharamsala, among Tibetan refugees. The Phytocorsa association does its best to help them.